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Sam Kohn, CEO & Founder

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Tackling difficult and complex deals is what we do best.

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National Equity Funding has the experience to structure complex and sophisticated deals. Our borrowers include bank directors, business owners, real estate investors, and homeowners—individuals or companies seeking relief from foreclosure or bankruptcy who do not meet the strict criteria of conventional lenders, or those who are simply in need of quick, discrete cash.

Our competitive advantages are great. We create a clear, accurate and concise loan request to submit to our lender, including a detailed Executive Summary with verified information. We create relationships with our investors that benefit you, our client. We understand what our investors want to know when considering the viability of a loan, such as:

  • Benefit to the Borrower
  • Equity in the Property
  • Exit Strategy


Answering these questions for lenders in a straightforward and credible way enables National Equity Funding to help get your loan request funded.

National Equity Funding and its associates offer more than 75 years of lending and business expertise. We work diligently to understand every clients unique situation, so that their loan fits their needs and resolves their problem adequately.

Our loans are based on the equity in real property and collateralized by commercial, industrial, multi-family, 1-4 residential, raw-land and special purpose properties such as resorts, gas stations and convenience stores. Our lending sweet spot ranges from $300,000 to $12 million, but for the right deal, we can procure funding up to $20 million.


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